On The Job Training Department Hosts a Delegation of Sohar Aluminum Company

 A delegation of Sohar Aluminum Company, composed from four training supervisors, visited the college on Monday (07/04/2015) to discuss ways of cooperation between the two parties and the sharing of experiences of the faculty in the teaching of mechanical and electrical engineering specializations.

The meeting was organized by Mrs. Fatima Al-Shibli, (HoD,OJT) , in the presence of Dr. Ali Al-Mughairi ( College Dean) , Dr. Mohammed Al-Wishahi (HoD, Engineering) & heads of Division of the Engineering Department.

The delegation explained that it seeks to grant diplomas to trainees in Mechanical & Electrical areas whom will be trained by their company's training center and desire to have access to the materials in these disciplines and the methods taught to students by the lecturers in the Engineering Department.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Wishahi (HoD, Engineering) provided a visual presentation for the delegation, explaining to them the mechanisms of transfer students by grades of diploma, higher diploma and Bachelor's degrees. He also provided them with a detailed explanation about the materials received by the students during the classes of those stages.

They also talked about the importance of addressing issues related health and safety and how raise awareness of these issues in the department in cooperation with On the Job Training Department. The delegation along with guest speakers from the private sector, regarding HSE showed the possibility of collaborating with the college in this area

Finally, Dr. Mohammed followed his commentary on strengthening theoretical teaching with field visits for students in the industrial sector. Further discussions were held concerning opening a new specialization in the college such as INSTRUMENTATION to meet local market demands. There was an exchange of views on the possibility of forming a committee composed of members from the private sector, under the supervision of the dean, to discuss the needs of the labor market and the possibility of keeping pace with the needs of the total industry.

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