Internet Security


Introduce Technical, legal and commercial aspects of Internet and E-Security.



  • Provide students with solid foundation and understanding of Internet and E-Security
  • Develop skils in computer security and enable them to build a secured computer systems.
  •  Operate computer networks and trouble-shoot networks problems.
  • Develop skills and knowledge of website and e-commerce management.
  • Gain fundamental understanding of what is needed to secure information and internet infrastructure.
  • Understand the underlying mechanism of client-server architecure, World Wide Web architecture, and the internet/intranet.
  • Understand the types of computer crime, history, surveys, statistics, and global connections.
  • Understand the implications that security and its administration have in the context of commercial databases such as informix and oracle.
  • Introduce methods of data protection computer and communication systems from unauthorized disclosure and modification.
  • Overivew of the principles and issues in business and organization security management.

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