Software Engineering


Produce technologists who can contribute to the development of engineered computer software to satisfy the increasing demand.



  • Provide students with necessary practical skills, conceptual frameworks, methods. technologies and hands-on experience of software development, as basis for a career in the software industry.
  • Explain the basic principles of graphical interface design and teach how to build effective user interfaces to computer systems and applications.
  • Provide knowledge of software engineering tools, models and methologies for project planning, requirement analysis, and test design.



  •  Make use of computer technology and software to represent, manipulate and manage data.
  • Develop programs using multiple source file approach for solving more complicated problems related to software application.
  • Present design issues of the various high-level language constructs.
  • Examine Design and implementation of advanced operating systems.
  •  Present the application of the models of compiler design, algorithms and complexity theory.
  • Explore methods for testing and documenting software systems and design software solutions.
  • Build effective user interface to computer systems and applications.

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