Diploma I


The one year program in IT provides the student with a sound set of the foundation knowledge required in IT fields.


Provide the students with knowledge in practical computer literacy and developing "hands on" skills in computer application, particularly in the appropriate use of spreadsheets, word processing, presentation software, information databases and the internet.

  •  Develop the necessary introductory skills to other higher level award courses in IT studies.
  •  Initiate students into IT study environment and provides a focus on confidence, comprehension, and communication.
  •  Train the students to understand the IT environment and identify some of the functions in the IT fields.
  • Formulate the students to be familiar with the IT environment.


  •  Apply knowledge of mathematics
  •  Communicate effectively individually and in a team through group work and presentations.
  •  Identify hardware and software components of computer systems.
  •  Make use of different computer applications, such as Word, Spreadsheet, Access, Excel, Power Point and Visual Basic.
  •  Construct simple programs using high level language such as C.
  •   Use Data base to collect, store, and to generate a variety of reports from the data.
  •   Make use of the techniques of Common Gateway Programming and Server side programming for on-line communication and computing.
  •  Define the fundamental principles behind all computer networking and the most commonly available networking tools and applications.
  •  State the fundamental operations systems concepts such as processes, intercrosses communication, input-output, virtual memory, file systems, and security.

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