Information Technology Department Staff Directory

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Phone Email Fax
Ms Amina Salim Mohd Al-Jabri Head of Information Technology Department M.Sc Advance Computer Science IT Security 26 852 881 26 852 871
Ms Amna Salem Rashid Al-Kaabi HOS - Information Technology Department Master MIT Management of IT 26 852 807
Mr Deogracias Esteves Joaquin HOS - Math Information Technology Department Masters of Arts in Education Mathematics Education 26 852 848
Mr Syed Mehr Ali HOS - Networking Information Technology Department M.Phil Computer Science Networking 26 852 843
Ms Aysha Mater Khudeem Al-Jabri Lecturer Master in Software Engineering Software Engineering 26 852 957
Dr Mary Jane Aragon Lecturer Ph.D. IT Database
Dr Joey Dangarang Masirag Lecturer PhD. IT IT
Mr Talal Humaid Rashid Al-Qurri Lecturer BS in Computer Science Hardware and Software 26 852 907
Mr Madhavan Sridharan Lecturer M.Sc CS, M.Phil Computer Science IT 26 852 956
Mr Edgardo A. Dalan Jr. Lecturer MBA, MBE Database
Mr Sundaradass Rajamani Lecturer M.Sc. Pure Math 26 852 953
Mr Umesh Sathina Aian Shetty Lecturer MS Software Engineering Software Engineering
Ms Anette G. Daligcon Lecturer MS Information Technology Database
Mr Narayanan Vadakkedath Neelakandan Lecturer Masters - MCA Software Engineering
Mr Aijaz Ahmed Lecturer MCA Database
Mr Mohammed Naheed Ali Lecturer MCA Networking
Mr Anthony M. Madlambayan Lecturer Master in IT Application and Web Programming 26 852 819
Ms Pradeepa Ganesan Lecturer MCA, MPhil Programming
Ms Madhubala Saravanan Lecturer MPhil Computer Science Programming 26 852 846
Mr Charles Jaya Rao Nettem Lecturer M.Phil Networking 26 852 850
Mr Gregory Medrano Danguilan Lecturer Master in IT Database
Mr Prasanna Ranjith Christodoss Lecturer M.Phil - 26 852 853
Mr Bala Dhandayuthapani Veerasamy Lecturer M.S, M.Tech, PhD (doing) Client Server Computing, Database Security, Advanced Operating System, Parallel and Distributed Computing
Mr Syed Ibrahim Lecturer M.Phil Data Structures 26 852 896
Mr Madhu Anithottathil Thankappan Lecturer MSc Mathematics
Mr M. Justin Rajasekaran Lecturer MCA, MPhil Software Engineering
Mr Pandian Vaidhyanathan Lecturer M.Phil Graph Theory
Ms E.B. Vithya Padmini Lecturer MPhil Database 26 852 958
Ms Shrooq Bahjat Smeein Lecturer Mscin Math Pure Mathematics
Mr Mohamed Kuresh Safir Lecturer M.E. (Computer Science and Engineering) Database
Ms Malathi Gopinath Lecturer M.Phil Mathematics
Mr Mahesh Garvandha Lecturer MSc Mathematics with Scientific Computing 26 852 855
Ms Lilibeth Rivera Decena Lecturer Master in Information Technology Software Engineering 26 852 805
Ms Deivamani Thangamuthu Lecturer M.Sc., M.Phil Operations Research
Mr Abdul Khadar Mustak Ahamad Vaddatti Lecturer MCA IT
Mr Thanigaivel Ganesan Lecturer ME Network Security
Mr K P Santhosh Kumar Lecturer M.SC. Mathematics -
Mr Rafeequzzama Siddiqui Lecturer M.SC. Mathematics -
Mr Bernard Castro Agbuya Lecturer MACOED,MSCS Networking 26 852 810
Mr M. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Lecturer M.Tech PhD Internet & e-Security 26 852 839
Mr Abdul Samad Saleem Raja Lecturer MCA, M.Phil, M.Tech Network Programming, Mobile Computing, Data mining
Dr Lemuel Nalugon Lecturer Phd ELM Networking 26 852 879
Ms Shija Gangadharan Lecturer M.Sc., M.Phil Mathematics 26 852 954
Mr Mohammed Abdur Raheem Lecturer M.Phil Mathematics
Mr Mir Abid Ali Lecturer MCA Database
Mr Kumaresan Gajarajan Lecturer Mphil PhD Pure Math (Domination of Graph)
Mr Matloob Hasan Lecturer Mphil (mathematics) Engineering Mathematics
Mr Mohana Narayana Murthy Lecturer Master of Computer Applications, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science Programming in Java (Core Java),Oracle (SQL & PL/SQL)
Ms Redjie Villar Lecturer Master of Science in Computer Science Software Engineering 26 852 908
Mr Imtiaz Ahmed Lecturer M.S(Computer Networking) Networking
Ms Anu Krishna Lecturer Master in Computer Application IT Software Engineering
Dr Venkateswara Reddy Eluri Lecturer PhD in Computer Science & Engineering Image Processing and Data Mining
Dr Bhraguram Thayyil Lecturer PhD, M.E, M.Sc Information Technology(Software Engineering)
Mr Ahammedul Kabeer Lecturer MSc Maths 26 852 955
Mr Venugopal Gundaram Lecturer MCA(Master of Computer Applications) Computer Applications 26 852 801
Ms Myra Patalay Lecturer Master of Science in Information Technology Software Engineering 26 852 996
Mr Rajesh Natarajan Lecturer MCA Database
Mr Ranganath Nallanchakra Vartula Lecturer M.Phil Mathematics
Mr Hariraman Ammaiappan Lecturer M.Tech CCNA(Switching & Routing)
Mr Prashanth Kumar Bolisetty Lecturer M.Tech (Ph.D) Software Engineering
Mr Kumar Mohan Lecturer M.E (Computer Science & Engineering) Databases
Mr Mohammed Irfan Chittanay Lecturer M.Sc Computer Science
Dr Sudhakar Kumar Chaubey Lecturer Ph.D Mathematics
Mr Muhammad Numan Ali Khan Lecturer Master in Engineering Computer Networks
Dr Satyanarayana Bora Lecturer Ph.D Mathematics
Mr Muhammed Iqubal Lecturer M. Phil Mathematics
Dr Devendra Kumar Lecturer Ph. D Applied Mathematics
Mr Rajesh Rajamoni Kala Lecturer Master of Computer Applications Computer Applications
Ms Muna Rashid Al-Mamari Department Coordinator Diploma IT 26 852 845

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