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As part of the College's response to the manpower needs of IT professionals and commitment to the ongoing national economic development, the Information Technology Department has been established in School Year 2005-2006. The Department started with 56 IT Certificate students in September 2006, and rapidly grew to a total of 494 active students, as to date. There are 228 Diploma First Year, 111 Diploma Second Year, 105 Advanced Diploma students, and 50 Bachelor students. Out of the 105 Advanced Diploma students, 15 students are specializing in Networking, 40 students in Software Engineering, 40 students in Database, and 10 students in Internet & E-Security, while out of the 50 Bachelor students, 21 students are specializing in Networking, 12 students in Software Engineering, and 17 students in Database.

The Department started with five staff in September 2006, 3 IT lecturers and 2 Mathematics lecturers. As of now, there are 58 staff members in the department, including 26 IT lecturers, 20 Mathematics lecturers, 11 Networking Lecturers, and 1 Coordinator.

The Department is headed by Dr. Mary Jane Aragon, together with three Head of Section, namely, Dr. Joey Masirag for IT, Mr. Syed Mher for Networking, and Ms. Farida Rehan for Mathematics.

The Department is a CISCO Local Academy since September 2008. As such, CISCO Programmes have being integrated in the curriculum, particularly for HD Networking students. Since the College became one of the Accredited and Testing Centres in Oman, the Department continuously provides ICDL Training and Certification exam to ShCT students and staff.

The Department aims to become a Center of Excellence for IT Education as today's technology revolves around the indispensability of computers in the areas of database systems, networking and security, software engineering, web and graphics design, etc.




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The IT Department held an IT Get-Together Day on January 7, 2017 at Kashmeer Street, Sohar. This get-together was held in order to promote the spirit of camaraderie and... Read more

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The IT Department recognizes the importance of computers in the fields of database systems, software engineering, networking and security, web-based application, artificial intelligence, mobile technology, among others. Subsequently, the IT section of the department offers specialization such as Software Engineering, and Database which respond to the changing needs of the labour market.

With the very strong faculty line-up of experts in their respective areas and state-of-the-art facilities, IT section ensures to produce technologists who can contribute to the development of engineered computer software, and graduates with sound knowledge and skills of both technical and application aspects of software development. The IT section also caters the IT course requirements of the Engineering and Business departments, and the English Language Center (ELC). The College being an ICDL Training and Certification Center, it integrates ICDL modules in its basic computing curriculum. The ICDL program is also offered to students and staff as well as the local community.

IT Department believes that we live in a wired-connected society where people work, play, and communicate in a networked environment. As such, the IT Department’s networking section offers specializations such as Networking, and Internet and E-Security which embrace to the increasing demands of labour market.

Supported by the CISCO-certified lecturers and being a CISCO local Academy, the Networking section integrates CISCO curriculum in its courses to train and prepare students for CCNA certification exams.

Shinas College of Technology aims at providing students with diploma and higher diploma studies in the field of IT, Business and Engineering. The Mathematics section strives to ensure that students are technically and pedagogically equipped with the mathematical undestanding and skills necessary to meet the cognitive and practical requirement of post secondary or higher education studies in a variety of disciplines as per Oman Academic Standards.

This section caters the needs of the English Language Center, IT, Business and Engineering Department in the foundation and post foundation programs. It serves as a service section to the ELC and the three academic departments of the College by providing mathematic courses on demand.

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