Educational Technology Center Aims to:

  • Manage effectively the Information Technology applications, Databases, and Communication networks in an efficient and reliable manner.
  • Ensure that the technological-based learning is up-to-date to meet the changing demands of the market for the readiness of students' job placement capability.
  • Deliver personalized friendly services to the students and staff in terms of help desk support and constantly improve the support processes/operations based on feedback.
  • Understand and develop trainings needed by students to supplement the theoretical aspects of learning.
  • Provide trainings to staff for various needs based from continuous assessment of Training needs gathered from all departments/center.
  • Continue the research of new systems that will enhance the learning process in the College.
  • Encourage the use of all available teaching and learning resources in the college.
  • Ensure the safety and security of the College resources.
  • Provide, maintain and upgrade resources for self-access training.
  • Support strategies and methodologies of all the Department to meet the academic, administrative and computing needs of the college.

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