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Educational Technology Center mainly supports the enhancement of Teaching and Learning process in the College using the latest technology since 2006. The center has three sections: Educational Services Section(ESS), Computer Services Section(CSS) and Library Services Section(LSS).

ESS offers support in producing educational materials and maintenance of Educational facilities like printers, photocopiers, Activboards, projectors and others. CSS provides technical support in computing and communications facilities like network and servers, management of computer laboratories, hardware and software support and communications. LSS delivers the best library services in organizing and maintaining a conducive environment for study.

The Educational Technology Center of ShCT has 9 ESS members, 36 CSS and 5 LSS with a total of 51 staff including the Head of Center. The center continues to grow to cater all its stakeholders. Being the center of technical support and services, ETC would like to be the pioneer that exemplifies the “Service that everyone can trust.

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The Educational Technology Centers-Computer Services Section conducted its annual projection planning at the ShCT old E-library on June 2, 2016.

The projection planning... Read more

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ETC Support and Services

  • The web and software development team continues to automate process in the college. The following programs/systems are developed in collaboration with IT Programmer.
    • Staff Portal (Request of Admin Services)
    • E-Mission Portal (for Admin)
    • Reservation of Rooms (MPH, Theater, VIP and Conference rooms)
    • Student Portal (Online voting system, Filing of Grievances online, Online request to repeat a course, Student Online Appeal)
  • To continually upgrade college website and introduce new concepts.
  • To ensure that the following online services are effective and efficient:
    • College website (
    • College e-mail for both staff and students
    • Staff and Student portals
    • E-library (Online Library system)
    • E-Learning
    • Online Registration
    • Library Information System
    • Skydrive
    • CloudMagic

ETC has assigned a team to lead the Training Development for staff and students. The team is composed of the coordinator and members. The team coordinates with the Head of Center in designing a training schedule and developing training materials.

ETC provides trainings on Teaching-Learning Resources to academic staff and students. It aims to help all staff and students to ensure that all Technology-based Learning resources will be used in the most effective manner.


The training aims to have an online resource for the students on the specific courses with the resource materials, quizzes and even assignments. Teachers upload their course materials to the E-Learning website and students can access them online with use of the given username and password.

Easy Learning powered by Omantel
Students and staff are trained on Easy Learning Powered by Omantel.

E-brary (Electronic Library)
This increases the awareness of staff and students regarding the E-brary. Ebrary is an online digital library with thousands of books on different specializations. Several trainings for E-brary have been conducted to College staff and students.

Promethean ActivBoard
One of the new facilities that we have in the College is the Promethean Activboard, ETC conducts training to all Academic departments and English Language Center on how to use it effectively in their classes. This training aims not only to utilize the facility effectively but to improve the interests and enthusiasms of students in the classroom.

Computer Software/Hardware
This aims to help student to apply the theories learned in their IT courses. ETC gives this training to Enhancement Practical Trainees that are endorsed by IT department.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Network and Computer
It is another training given to EPT trainees to broaden their understanding on Network. ETC and IT work hand in hand to give the highest quality of learning to the IT graduates.

Desktop Publishing Training
Desktop publishing softwares and programs like Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator are two important softwares in desktop publishing. ETC conducts this training to iInterested students and staff. 

For your feedback and suggestions on trainings, you may contact the Training coordinator at: or you may contact the local number: 2809

The Computer Laboratory Management is one of the main services that ETC provides under the Computer Services Section (CSS). There are ten (10) out of twelve (12) computer laboratories in the Main building that are used by Information Technology (IT),  one (1) Open Laboratory is dedicated to students for their Free lab and one(1) E-Library. The primary purpose of Open Laboratory is for academic research, study, and class assignments. Laboratory users expect a quiet, clean environment that is conducive to learning.          

Computer Laboratories
Computer Lab
Technical in-charge
Lab1 1st floor
Ms. Thuriya Al-Hosni
Lab 2 1st floor
Mr. Franklin Reigo
Lab 3A 1st floor
Mr. Bashir Al Mazroui
Lab 3B 1st floor
Mr. Bashir Al Mazroui
Lab 4 1st floor
Mr. Ronaldo Abaya
Lab 5 1st floor
Mr. Abdullah Omar Al Balushi
Lab 6 1st floor
Ms. Kalithem Al-Jabri
eLibrary 1st floor
Ms. Natalia Estelon
Multimedia Lab 2nd floor
Ms. Maryam Al-Sulittni
Open Lab Ground floor
Mr. Rommel Arellano 
Lab 7 2nd floor 30 Mr. Ali Hassan Ibrahim Al-Belushi
Lab 91 A Ground Floor 30 Ms. Natalia Estelon

For Engineering, ETC supports the maintenance for four (4) Computer Laboratories Computer Lab 1 and Lab 2 , AutoCAD and Free/Open Lab and Engineering staff manages the classes held in the computer laboratories.

Computer lab
Technical In-charge
AutoCAD Lab 1st floor
Mr. Arnold Guiroy
CP Lab 1 1st floor
Mr. Khamis Al-Alawi
CP Lab 2 1st floor
Mr. Mohammed Waadallah
Open Lab Ground Floor
Mr. Mohammed Ashfaq

The Educational Services Section (ESS) lives to its mission to provide the best possible service to ShCT in terms of reproduction of instructional materials needed by the students and staff. The ESS ensures that all the departments have heavy duty copiers and printers. These printers are connected via network for access of staff to print their instructional materials.

In terms of bulk reproduction of instructional materials such as handouts, examination paper, QA documents, newsletters and other materials, the staff requests from ESS. ESS has dedicated staff and six(6) heavy duty and powerful photocopiers that support all the need of the entire College. These photocopiers can copy approximately 100 pages per minute (PPM). These machines are programmable and easy to manage. These machines also have scanning and printing capability

Other machines that are available in ESS are the following:

  • HP Laserjet that is capable of printing, scanning and copying colored in A4 size.
  • ESS is also equipped with Ricoh Aficio colored printing machine that can print logos, posters, newsletters and magazines in A3,A4 and B5 sizes.
  • File binding machine is also available in the ESS.

College events and programs are essential parts of the life of staff and students in the Colelge. ESS has two digital cameras and two digital video cameras to capture and document these momentous events. To request for this service, you can send a letter to ESS in advance to give way for the preparation. Digital photography and Videos entails skills and talents to be able to produce a great output. ESS is planning to conduct training in Digital Photography to students and staff. 

Video and Tape recordings are other services supported by ESS. The ESS has assigned staff to help with video coverage and tape recording in English courses or any courses that use this kind of instructional materials. There are multiple equipment and gadgets available to ensure that we can address all the areas of learning for all students. These equipment include: -Universal Disc Player DVD Audio -Digital Video Camera -Heavy Duty Cassette Duplicator -Audio Cassette Taper Converter to MP3 CD PC -DVD/CD Duplicator -Coloured CD Print -Cassette Copy Machine CD Burning is also supported by the ESS but copying is bound to copyright laws.

To better serve students and staff in terms of internet connectivity, the College incorporates within its network infrastructure the Wireless internet access. Access Points are strategically installed in such a way that it provides the widest area of connectivity within the College premises. The staff and students can use their laptops and other network gadgets and peripherals to connect to the internet for research and study. On how to configure your laptop to connect using Wireless, contact the help desk office (local 2880) or kindly refer to the manuals uploaded in the Student Portal.

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