Medical Services & Facilities

Medical Services focuses on providing policies, resources, and processes on the health and well-being of students. In addition, it provides services to all College staff and visitors. 

The College Clinic is divided into:

  • Male Clinic
  • Female Clinic
  • Store for keeping medicines and medical equipment


Functions of the clinic:

1. To provide necessary medical care for cases of disease and ambulatory cases of emergency with the provision of some diagnostic tools and medicines.

2. To assign the work for the complex medical health of the pathological cases that do not have treatment clinic.

3. To receive sick leave and give its opinion on the medical excuses of students from the College.

4. To determine the quality and quantity of medicines and medical supplies in collaboration with the Department of Finance and Administration.

5. To prepare programs and brochures related to health and to involve the health authorities to hold seminars and lectures in the College.

6. When you visit a health education students to the clinic as needed and when the exchange of medical education medicine.

7. To provide an agenda for action and to prepare monthly statistics on the type and number of cases.

8. To organize outgoing registration of medicines and medical supplies on weekly basis in a special register.

9. To sort medicines and equipment and sterilization of medical instruments andprocessed for use.

10. To receive suggestions and complaints and to work on them.


The clinic is open from 7:30 am to 5 pm.

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