Innovative Online Systems of Shinas College of Technology

The Online Systems of Shinas College of Technology (ShCT) were developed through the leadership of the College Dean, Dr. Ali Al-Mughairi with his Assistant Deans: Ms. Aysha Al-Jabri for Academic Affairs, Mr. Ali Mahmoud Al-Balushi for Administration and Finance, and Mr. Ali Al-Alawi for Student Affairs.  The innovative Online Systems aimed at providing students and staff efficient services that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. The Online Systems were developed and managed under the supervision of the Educational Technology Center, in collaboration with the SHCT programmers.
The innovative Online Systems include:

1. Online Grievance System.
It is the policy of Shinas College of Technology to affirm the right of its students to a prompt and fair resolution of a complaint or grievance on any academic, technical support and administration issues. The Online Grievance System is designed to provide students with a readily available tool that can be accessed anytime and anywhere using their smartphones, laptops or computers with Internet Connection.
ShCT has designed the Grievance system with much care and concern to ensure fairness, security and confidentiality of every complaint from the students. 
Terms and conditions are also listed for students to know the scope and limitation of their rights. The Online Grievance System aims not to reprimand but to improve its system and procedures to give better support to all ShCT students. 

2. Withdraw A Course System
This system is designed for Students to apply to Withdraw a Course Online and check the status of the request through the Student Portal, and eventually receive the final decision of the request through e-mail. The system ensures that the policy of withdrawing a course is followed. Terms and conditions are listed for students to be enlightened before proceeding to accomplish the request.

3. Appeal Process System
This system is designed for students to apply for an Appeal Online. As Appeal period is scheduled after the announcement of the Examination Marks, students who are already in vacation can apply for an appeal anywhere using their gadgets with Internet connection.  Terms and conditions are also included before they can proceed to Apply for an Appeal. They can also get the result of their appeal by checking through the Student Portal or from the College email.

4. Repeat of Previously Passed Course System
This system is designed for students to apply to request to “repeat the previously passed course” online. This is activated during the Registration period as it ensures that the policies on allowing students to repeat the previously passed course are met. This system also enables the advisers and the Registration Committee members to facilitate the students’ requests.

5. Supplementary Exam Process
This system is designed for Exam Committee and Approving Committee members of the Supplementary Exam to provide an avenue for students to be informed of the result of their application to take a supplementary exam, through their Student Portal or College email.

6. Course Description Process
This system is designed for the Admission and Registration Department (ARD) to have enough time to process the request of Students for Course Description. Students can check the status and the date when to collect from ARD. This system also aims at letting ShCT students realize that every request requires time to process.

7. Room Reservation System
This system is designed for Staff to have an easy access to reserve for a room to be used for activities such as: Training, Meetings, Get-Together and others. This system is monitored by the Administration Department. This system also allows the staff to include other requests like: Food, Photograph, Video and Sound Systems which will be automatically forwarded to the ETC which handles these requests.

8. Service Request System
This system is designed for Staff to have an easy access to request for services from the Administration Department. The services include: Carpentry, Electrical issues, Cleaning, Maintenance, Painting and other Admin support. The Admin department can assign staff to check on specific requests. 

9. E-Mission System
This system is designed for Admin and HR to efficiently process the ‘Official Business Mission’ application from all ShCT staff. The nominated staff will apply online for request of transportation and accommodation which will be approved by the Head. The Admin will process the request for transportation and accommodation. The system can determine the available car and driver. Once everything is processed, the concerned staff will be notified of the approval of his/her request with the necessary details like time and driver. The HR will print the Report  [readily formatted] to be sent to the Ministry.

10. Online Survey Forms using OneDrive
ETC has converted the paper survey into online using OneDrive Excel Survey Form. This online survey form eliminates bulk printing of survey forms. Moreover, this system automates tallying and encoding of results. 

With these innovative Online Systems, ShCT has zoomed forward in providing efficient services to its academic community. 

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