Counseling and Graduates Follow-Up

Counseling and Graduates Follow-Up is a one section of Student Affairs which aims to provide awareness and guidelines for college students. This service is highlighted in the following areas: 

Counseling & Guidance which defined as a planned and orderly process designed to help students to understand themselves and knows their abilities and skills to develop such a capability, which can decide on the there in solving the problems of present and future according to psychological , social, educational and vocational training.

It includes:

Student Counseling: is the study and treatment of students' personal issues and behavior towards the right ways Academic Advising (in collaboration with academic departments and the Registration department) a study of student academic development to highlight the role of the academic advisor and to discuss academic subjects such as: Postponement of study, GPA, Academic Probation, Timetable, Registration Courses, etc.

Student Counseling aims to benefit students to understand their problems and concern for the treatment and beneficial treatment through:
1. Acknowledging new intake students toward university life (conduct an induction program and / orientation week). 
2. Activating the role of academic advisors in cooperation with the Registration Department.
3. Studying behavioral phenomena and problems that may appear negative in the life of a student and offering help, assistance and guidance toward good behavior to reflect a good image of the College.

In order to achieve the desired goals, the Section focuses on:

1. Providing counselling for students and assist them in developing appropriate solutions to complaints.

2. Conducting hearing sessions individually basis with college students. 
3. Conducting awareness and educational lectures in cooperation with academic departments in the college. 
4. Those aim on enhancing the academic skills of students and familiarize them with social /individual skills to manage their academic life in the college. 
5. Following-up with students' warnings of absenteeism, Appeals and postponement of studies collaboration with the Registration Department.
6. Preparing orientation programs for new intake students in the foundation program.
7. Organizing meetings with students attended by the Dean and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.
8. Supervising the students proposals and complaints and report recommendations to the college board.
9. Following up with the academic progress of student collaboration with academic advisers.


Graduates Follow-up: it is known also, career guidance which is to provide excellent professional 
services in the areas of planning, career development and vocational training of all students in the college. 
It aims to: create graduate students to the field of functional cooperation with the OJT Department and to follow up with them after receiving suitable employment opportunities. This can be done through:

1. Compiling and updating the data-graduate students cooperation with the OJT and Registration Departments.

2. Following up with students in getting job opportunities. 
3. Communicating with the private and public sector in providing job opportunities.
4. Developing workshops and career fairs.

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