The administration is comprised of the Dean of the College whom directly administers the following departments:

  • Head of Educational Technology Center 

  • HoD of the English Language Center

  • Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs 

  • Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 

  • Assistant Dean for Administration and Financial Affairs.


The Dean, being the over-all leader of the educational institution, executes his duties and responsibilities based on the guidelines stipulated in the College Bylaws including the following pertinent tasks involving all the leaders’ participations under his administration: 

Assesses the performance of assistant deans and the heads of centers

  • Supervises the implementation of academic training plans

  • Coordinates college activities with the local community institutions

  • Identifies college needs for teaching and technical staff

  • Issues internal decisions necessary for the college’s operation

  • Monitors academic programs

  • Prepares comprehensive progress reports

  • Chairs the college council

  • Supervises the implementation of the quality assurance

  • Prepares college annual budget

  • Submits an annual development action plan

  • Endorses staff appraisal forms prepared by the heads

  • Carries out duties assigned by the Directorate General.

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